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A funny old day - and not an easy one.

(Contains a bit of effing and blinding. I’m feeling that way out)

Steve Jobs has died from cancer today. He’s much too young for all that.

We’re very much an iHouse at home. iPhones, iPods, iPad and a Macbook Pro. Watching my son who isn’t quite 2 yet using an iPad highlights how much Apple have gotten right over the last few years. He can pick it up, slide objects around and start his Elmo videos. It’s both an intuitive interface and a lovely object to hold. Steve’s vision changed not only our industry but our homes and everyday lives too. Some feat.

I’m feeling a bit weird about it all as tomorrow marks the 12th¬†anniversary¬†of my Mum dying from cancer (aged just fourty-fucking-four).

October 7th 1999 - a date scratched deeply into me.

You know when someone tells you it gets easier?

Well, that’s fucking bollocks.

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Accessibility site - user testing going well

Not going to go into massive amounts of detail as other posts by me are going to appear elsewhere on this subject (I’ll link to them from here) but the testing of our markup for the site for the blind users is proving immensely useful.

We’ve marked up the home page and tested it in several environments with real users and the markup itself is surviving the testing nicely - pleased about that! The menu content has come in for some changes (semantic word changes) but that’s about all so far. Really pleased.

We’ve been filming the sessions on my little handheld camcorder (in full HD!) and at some point we’ll release some of the footage for you to see.

I’m taking a different member of the development team with me each time and without fail, the lads are coming away with their minds blown.

A brilliant experience which will hopefully deliver a brilliant site.

Fingers crossed.

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Sick of seeing personalised results in Google?

I was - I had to login and then logout. Login and then logout. Pain. In. The. Arse.

Anyway, I realised you can hack the URL - hooray.


Add the bit in bold and job done.

If you do this a lot, you can create a little bookmark which adds it automatically. Create a new bookmark and then enter the address as - “javascript:location.href=location.href%20+%20’&pws=0’;”

Perform a search on Google and then hit the bookmark - it’ll repeat your search without any of the personalised stuff. Yay.

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You may have noticed that this webpage does not rank highly in the search engines as this website is purely an online marketing brochure used in connection with a limited email-driven marketing promotion. Therefore, we have asked the search engines to ignore this website for indexing purposes since this is not the intention behind this site.


Talk about getting your excuses in early - can’t SEO your own site but you want to do mine? What a bunch of dickheads. You can quote me on that.

It’s just a shame people fall for it.